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Upgrading Coaching Levels

Coach reviewing shot placement on a Paper Target at a competition

Congratulations on becoming a shooting coach! The sport needs dedicated people to develop the next group of champion shooters.

Beginning shooters need a good fundamental background in the skills required to participate in the competitive shooting sports. Advanced shooters require assistance with training and techniques along with a continuous reinforcement of the fundamentals to perform at a higher level. The Coach Education Program trains individuals to coach shooting athletes from beginner to advanced levels.

To improve your knowledge about coaching, consider becoming a Certified Coach (Level 2) or an Advanced Certified Coach (Level 3).

Junior Trainer To Coach (Level 1)

Junior Trainers will be upgraded to Coach (Level 1) on their 18th birthday if their Junior Trainer rating is current. No additional training is required. No upgrade fee is required if their Junior Trainer credential is current.

Certified Coach (Level 2)

To upgrade to the Certified Coach (Level 2) credential, the coach must:

  • Be a Coach (Level 1)
  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Submit documentation of having completed the American Sport Education Program (ASEP) Coaching Principles course.
  • Submit a copy of current First Aid (American Red Cross Standard, ASEP Sports First Aid, or equivalent program) Certification.
  • Submit the required form attesting to having completed specific coaching activities following completion of the Level 1 School.
  • To upgrade to level 2 submit the required documentation via email to [email protected]

Advanced Certified Coach (Level 3)

To upgrade to the Advanced Certified Coach (Level 3) credential, the coach must:

  • Be a Certified Coach (Level 2)
  • Attend the discipline-specific Advanced Coach School and successfully pass all the course requirements.
  • Submit copy of current First Aid (American Red Cross Standard, ASEP Sports First Aid, or equivalent program) Certification.
  • Submit documentation of having personally earned a Class B (Sharpshooter) or higher classification issued by a National Governing Body in the coach discipline (NRA, USA Shooting, ATA, NSSA, NSCA). The rating does not need to be current.

There are NO ADDITIONAL NRA FEES to upgrade as long as you are current. Your credential expiration date will remain unchanged. When you are notified by email that your upgrade is approved, you may print a new certificate and wallet card showing your new coach rating.

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For more information about the NRA Shooting Sports Coach Development, email [email protected].

Shooting Sports Coach Development

The NRA Coach Education Program offers multi-level training for coaches of the competitive shooting sports in partnership with USA Shooting, the Civilian Marksmanship Program, the Amateur Trapshooting Association, the National Skeet Shooting Association and the National Sporting Clays Association.